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In February the Estonian Rural Movement Kodukant started a project “Rural Tourism – a Possibility for Community Development”. It combines history, heritage and nature. Traditions, customs, work and culture, legends, stories, and community milieu – this is all experience of natural rural life.

Dear families, tour operators, seniors from towns and countryside!

You are welcome to visit Metstaguse, Seliküla, Jalgsema, Karinu, Ramma, Salutaguse, Norra, and Müüsleri villages! You will be able to see life in Järva-Jaani and Koeru. Remember the saying that in order to understand the singularity of your own home-place, it is necessary to travel further away. Come and visit us in the eastern part of Järvamaa.

Aime Kallandi – project leader.

Phone:  56490522; e-mail jurimardi@hot.ee

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