Living in the countryside is an everyday life for us but in the process of urbanization very often people tend to over-estimate the advantages and possibilities that the life in the towns and cities can offer. Thus the advantages of rural life can be left in the background.

One possibility of preserving life in the villages and making it fit for decent living is rural movement (popular movement). An essential part of it is shaping of common values and arranging social and educational activities, taking into account local identity and traditions.

Every villager can contribute to the local development. Very often activities are successful thanks to the active people who can find some spare time to come together. Thanks to their leadership collaboration groups, new societies and even communities are formed, willing to promote the development of their home-place, to make it more beautiful and specific and also spend free time together.
 A lot of work is being done by voluntary work or for very little money. Voluntary work unites people, empowers them and gives energy. But extra resources are often needed, too. Therefore even the smallest amount of financial support is a good shot of energy for the community. Fortunately there are different funds where it is possible to apply for grants, and local initiative is more and more often being supported by local authorities.
Rural movement aims at activating the local inhabitants and raising their self-consciousness. To achieve the goal it is necessary to:

  1. focus on the “grass-root-level” initiative, through which the local issues find a greater response;
  2. promote the work of societies and support education about;
  3.  establish and develop village networks which promote co-operation on county-, national and also international level.

The regional organisation Kodukant Järvamaa helps to support the work of communities and village elders. Kodukant Järvamaa invites both active people and different societies to join the organisation and become active members.
From the point of view of the rural movement it is very important to communicate and acquire new experiences through education and workshops. These values give village leaders confidence and urge to act.


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